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September 30, 2015
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Dance Shoe Guy

Although I can’t claim to have penned the name, “Dance Shoe Guy”, it does seem very appropriate since I have been fitting and selling dance shoes for over 30 years now. The moniker and subsequent license plate “DNSHU GY” (no…It’s not some Chinese dish) came about over 20 years ago while I was courting my now wife. We would be out and about town at a restaurant, mall, grocery store, bank, post office or wherever and no matter where we were someone would recognize me.  It was always the same scenario.  A mom with a little girl, the mom would say, “Hey where do I know you from?” Before I could respond that it was likely from my dancewear store, the little girl would invariably chime in, “Mom! It’s the Dance Shoe Guy.”


I’ve always said that my favorite part about this job is fitting that 3-5 year old little girl for her first pair of ballet or tap shoes. It’s what makes going to work every day worthwhile. Just seeing that wonderment in their face when they first hear those taps hit the wood floor or the gleam in their eye when they first look in the mirror at the barre and see their ballet slippers that confirm what they had always dreamed. “I am a real ballerina!” That excitement in their eyes is priceless and washes away all the problems in my day-to-day business regiment.  The fact that they remember me makes me believe that the moment was worthwhile and memorable for us both.  While I spend more time these days paying bills, writing orders and doing other administrative duties; I feel blessed to have a wonderful staff (some who have been with Opening Night for over 10 years) including my wife and now my daughter making those memories.   We hope to see you soon in one of our Opening Night! stores.

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